About Yamhill First

Yamhill County is a special place where families and local businesses can grow and prosper, it’s a place we’re proud to call home. Yamhill First was formed by local citizens with a desire to help continue the success of Yamhill County by promoting strong local commerce, safe and thriving communities, and effective government.

This election season, we are proud to support Ron Noble (Oregon House of Representatives), Paulette Alexandria (Yamhill County Treasurer), Heidi Parker (Mayor of McMinnville), Chris Chenoweth (McMinnville City Council – Ward 1), Brittany Ruiz (McMinnville City Council – Ward 2) and Adam Garvin (McMinnville City Council – Ward 3).  We are proud to support any candidate that will put the families and businesses of Yamhill County – First.

How You Can Help

Thank you for your support of the Yamhill First PAC!  You can help our coalition’s efforts in a variety of ways, please click on the Help button and let us know what you can do to make a difference for our community.  Thank you!

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